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  • A.A. Allen
    as perhaps one of the most important revivalists to emerge during the Voice of Healing revival...
  • Aimee Semple McPherson
    Perhaps what Aimee Semple McPherson is most remembered for today is founding the Foursquare denomination that is still growing today…
  • Billy Graham
    In his lifetime, Billy Graham has preached in person to nearly 215 million people in over 185 countries and territories - more than any other person who has ever lived.
  • Billy Sunday
    Began his career in the public eye as a professional baseball player, but he ended it as one of the most prominent and enigmatic evangelists in America in the early 1900s...
  • Charles Finney
    "No single individual had more influence in the United States’ coming to be considered “A Christian Nation.”
  • Charles Parham
    In a time when divine healing and moves of the Spirit had scarcely been heard of, Charles Parham introduced the American church to the power available through pursuing a Spirit-filled life…
  • Charles Spurgeon
    With a voice that could captivate thousands, Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s eloquent and dynamic preaching brought understanding and freshness to the word of God for everyday people in nineteenth century London...
  • David du Plessis
    David du Plessis became the theological backbone of the Charismatic Renewal..
  • Dwight L. Moody
    Dwight Lyman Moody was the sixth child of Edwin and Betsy Moody in Northfield, Massachusetts. In the next four years, his parents would have three more children, and the last a set of twins.
  • Evan Roberts
    More than anything else, Evan Roberts was a man of prayer. Yes, the whole world felt the impact of revival that swept Wales from November 1904 through 1905...
  • Francis Asbury
    On the frontier of scattered homesteads and small towns of the newborn United States that stretched towards the Mississippi River, news was scarce and churches even scarcer.
  • George Fox
    When the Protestant Reformation seemed to be gaining ground toward the end of the 16th century—George Fox took reform to an entirely new level.
  • George Whitefield
    George Whitefield - known as the “Great Orator,” the “Divine Dramatist,” and the “Heavenly Comet” for his style and impact on all who heard him - was an evangelistic pioneer.
  • Jack Coe
    Was an independent and determined force for Christ. He had an unreserved faith in the Word of God...
  • John Alexander Dowie
    Shook the world at the turn of the century with his passion for truth and zeal for the work of the Spirit. He brought to to the forefront…
  • John Calvin
    Took the biblical truths that Wycliffe, Hus, and Luther had brought to light and created a worldwide movement...
  • John G. Lake
    These words summarized the passion that propelled the life-long ministry of John G. Lake. He spoke these words in reference to the intensity of emotion he felt as his thirty-four year old sister lay dying…
  • John Hus
    If it can be said that John Wycliffe was the grandfather of the Reformation, then John Hus would be its father.
  • John Knox
    More than any other reformer, John Knox defied the Catholic Church and Europe’s aristocracies.
  • John Wesley
    During his ministry, John Wesley rode over 250,000 miles by horseback to preach the Gospel - a distance comparable to circling the globe ten times. He preached more than forty thousand sermons and published more than five thousand sermons, pamphlets, and books of all kinds.
  • John Wycliffe
    Has been referred to as the “morning star” of the Great Reformation.
  • Jonathan Edwards
    Jonathan Edwards was born in East Windsor, Connecticut, to Puritan parents Timothy and Esther Stoddard Edwards. Of their eleven children, he was the only son.
  • Kathryn Kuhlman
    In a time that was suspicious of both women ministers and Pentecostals, Kathryn Kuhlman shook twentieth-century Christianity back to its roots…
  • Maria Woolworth-Etter
    Within a short time after Maria Woodworth-Etter responded to God’s call to “go out in the highways and hedges and gather in the lost sheep,”...
  • Martin Luther
    Perhaps one of the most influential Germans ever to live, Martin Luther was instrumental in not only shaking loose fromthe foundations of the Catholic Church...
  • Peter Cartwright
    It is said sometimes that hard times call for hard men, and this can certainly be said of Peter Cartwright. Peter’s dedication as a circuit rider on the American frontier not only helped establish Methodism as the way of revival in his time, but also saw roughly 10,000 converted.
  • Smith Wigglesworth
    It is arguable that there is no more significant patriarch of the Pentecostal Movement than Smith Wigglesworth…
  • William Booth
    Grew up in a dark England at the dawn of the industrial revolution. Unemployment, homelessness, labor abuses, and child prostitution were rampant in the British Isles...
  • William Brahnam
    Was beyond doubt a man of notable signs and wonders. From birth, supernatural manifestations...
  • William Seymour
    Best known for ushering in the Pentecostal Movement that began with the Azusa Street mission in 1906...


The moment Kathryn saw in God's Word that healing was provided for the believer at the same time as salvation, she began to understand Christian's relationship with the Holy Spirit.